APT Systems Builds Financial Platforms To Facilitate, Escrow, Trade And A Stable Crypto Coin Spera

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Below is our recent interview with Glenda Dowie, CEO at APT Systems Inc:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to APT Systems?
GD: APT Systems is in the business of building financial platforms to facilitate services that include escrow, trade and a stable cryptocurrency named SperaSM which we are excited about. The names of the platforms are Verifundr, Tyrtrade, Intuitrader and Excanna Marketplace. Verifundr is the gateway into of this harmonious place where technology merges with escrow, payments, trading and a stable coin.
We also launched the Kencharts apps for Android and Apple smart phones that allowed us to test different development options as charts are a big part of trading. We also have a subsidiary company called Snapt Games, as we wanted to introduce gaming technology into the world of finance via our trading tools.

Q: I read something about your partnership with MLG Blockchain, how did that start and where do you see the relationship going?
We have been building upon our blockchain network of developers and advisors over the past year. Michael Gord, the CEO of MLG, was introduced to me by a mutual friend. He caught our vision right away and has the large experienced developer team needed to build the Spera coin with its unique features. Together, we have completed the Spera coin build and the next phase is aggressive testing and security checks. MLG will also contribute their expertise in community building to help us get in front of persons that can recognize the value we are building.

Q: Tell us more about the Spera coin.
The Spera digital dollar is a 100% US dollar pegged stable coin that will be fully interchangeable for US dollars within our financial ecosystem on the Tyrtrade platform. Within the Tyrtrade interchange, we can mint and deliver Spera to buyers as well as exchange US dollars for Spera readily. This is particularly important for the Verifundr escrow services we are providing as well as equities trading platform, Intuitrader.

Q: You’ve recently announced the Android version 1.0 of your KenCharts app; could you tell us something more?
Intuitrader is the rewrite of our first equities trading platform for deployment on mobile phones. Charting is an important part of trading… so we created Kencharts to test different development approaches for the charts to be later imbedded inside Intuitrader. We will leave both Kencharts as stand-alone apps and we will keep using them to test ideas and technology.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in launching your business and how did you overcome it?
Understanding the OTC space from a CEO’s point view as compared to how I looked at markets previously as a trader. And, then understanding how the approach for funding for Issuers is different from what is offered to a typical Silicon Valley start-up. Sometimes it is just patience while waiting for the markets and regulating bodies to catch up and ultimately support your plans. Timing is everything!

Q: What are your plans for the future?
To attract members and get them excited for all of the platforms to be built by the New Year. Further, it is a goal to be able to release the Spera coin for purchasing by interested individuals by the end of September. Once the first four platforms are functioning smoothly, we see others that can be added to help businesses and individuals better manage their financial affairs. We are living in exciting times.